From Facebook: an MLE commitment

dina.ocampo.Dina Ocampo August 19 at 6:23pm

Hi Joe,

Thank you very much for the birthday songs! [1,2] Ang saya!

Your message:

Far from arrogating unto myself the power of determining who should lay down the primer on the step-by-step implementing rules of DO 74, I think it’s a safe bet you’re in the greatest position, as Oustanding Teacher, to do just that–having… experiences in both alternative and mainstream education systems–instead of awaiting the first move from the DepEd bureaucracy.

I think my peripatetic fellow advocate, Aurelio S. Agcaoili, could muster his NAKEM network to test-drive the implementing rules you may evolve in Ilocandia. In fact, even as we are cognizant of the time and financial constraints, we’re eager to put Ilocandia on the front burner for the DO 74 MLE implementation. May we count on your generous help?

My reply:

I had to think 3x times because I wasn’t sure the message was for me. The only giveaway was the reference to the Metrobank award. I think Ilocandia is going to be really exciting with you and Mr. Agcaoili at the forefront. I’m busy and sometimes cranky but I’ll help.

I am thinking of writing an opinion paper for the media to signify certain directions for the DepEd order. I will ask for your help before sending it out to the inquirer. Basahin mo muna? What I’d really like to do is to force DepEd into phasing the implementation of the DepEd Order so that teachers do not bear the brunt of the problems which will surely stem from lack of preparation.

best regards and i hope to meet you soon,


espjoJoe Padre August 19 at 7:38pm

I can only thank you so much. Let me know when you come this way so we can make some arrangements, like Disneyland 12 miles from home or a little further north in L.A.

If you need to bounce your opinion on me prior to submitting it to the media, I’d be so honored.

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