How does Noynoy Aquino’s announcement of his presidential bid affect the presidential race for 2010?

What They Say…

We’ve been following the pronouncements of the would-be candidates in the 2010 presidential elections to determine who are the potential “education candidates”.  So far, the field is remarkable for its being cloudy…  Here are some early ones:

From Updated September 16, 2009 12:00 AM

Leah Marlie Tambanillo, Metro Manila: Noynoy’s candidacy would make the race a little hard for the other hopefuls because the people’s clamor for change will elevate the instrument for change.

David Lazo Velasco, Metro Manila: It seems Noynoy Aquino’s announcement made their party euphoric and made opponents frantic. But others, including the electorate, also have their own reservations.

Noynoy is the game changer

Mayie Vicuña, Muntinlupa City: Noynoy Aquino’s declaration of his bid for the presidency come 2010 has changed the course of the election campaign. It seems that things are back again to square one, given that Noynoy was not considered a probable candidate a year ago. The surveys that came out in the past months don’t seem to bear much credence now. I believe that Villar will plateau early and would slide down the surveys as the campaign progresses. Now that the people have finally found a true alternative, expect at least half of the supporters of other presidential wannabes to lean in Noynoy’s favor. Noynoy, the game changer, has just changed the color of Philippine politics into yellow.

Ricardo Tolentino, Laoag City: Noynoy announcement will reverse survey ratings for yellow fever will factor much in the coming election.

Juan Eduardo, Baguio City: Noynoy brings Kris. She will help draw the uneducated masa away from Erap.

Dencio Acop, Baguio City: Noynoy Aquino’s presidential bid profoundly affects the presidential race for 2010. First, it will test our values as a people. If we are for moral governance, there is no reason why Noynoy does not have a shot at the presidency. Many of us are tired of all the corruption going on in government. As far as I know, Noynoy is primus inter pares among the current crop of presidentiables when it comes to moral ascendancy. For this alone, I would vote for him. But if more of us favor values in a leader other than moral ascendancy, then Noynoy may have it tough come balloting time. Second, Noynoy’s bid will test the opposition’s values and resolve to win. If the opposition is sincere in providing a better alternative to the incumbent, then it should be able to overcome its current divisiveness and parochial interests in favor of the common good. Otherwise, none would give in and unite behind a single candidate (as what happened in the 1998 presidential race) in Noynoy and the opposition may lose, thereby squandering what would have been a golden opportunity to defeat the highly unpopular administration’s candidate. Given the Filipino’s legendary kanyakanya culture, the opposition’s uniting behind a single candidate is an uphill climb. Finally, Noynoy’s candidacy will test the administration. How does a discredited administration deal with a morally credible opposition candidate? Not being fair in its race tactics will only highlight the administration’s moral bankruptcy and enhance the opposition’s moral ascendancy. On the other hand, being fair will somewhat regains the administration’s moral ascendancy but its candidate will have no chance against an opposition candidate whose time and momentum have arrived. To God alone be the glory always.

It’s now a battle of good vs. evil

Ed Gulmatico, Yemen: Before, it was a situation of choosing the lesser evil. Now, with the entry of Noynoy, it will be a different ball game. It will be a selection between reform, change and redirection of the entire nation, the right and just governance, and new politics against the status quo of patronage politics, dole out and mendicant mentalities, incomparable graft and corruptions, abuses of the powersthatbe, the lifetime existence of political dynasties, the mockery of our justice system, the syndicated separatism daw, secession daw and rebellion daw and many more ills in our governance and society. In short, it will be a battle of good against evil, with Noynoy as the sole and real good.

Jesus Mendoza, Pangasinan: Noynoy’s announcement of his presidential bid makes the presidential race meaningful as it offers a real choice between good and evil; not between lesser evils.

Dandy Lacuesta, Las Piñas City: Noynoy’s bid transforms the presidential race into one between reformists versus old politics; integrity versus corruption; hope versus despair; and good versus evil.

He is an agent of change

Vic Sanchez, Pasig City: Noynoy’s candidacy will greatly affect the next presidential elections because Filipinos who are fed up and tired of corruption and incompetence in the government will see in him an agent of change. I did not vote in the previous elections because I believe that the only difference between the candidates is their names. I believe that they are all corrupt, selfish, and incompetent and I don’t want to be a party in electing them to the office that they aspire. But now, I will register and vote for Noynoy because I see in him a statesman who will work for the interest of the people both the present generation and the posterity. Mind you, I will not only vote for him, I will campaign for him and contribute in whatever way I can to bring his cause to the suffering Filipinos.

Lerio Castigador, Cavite: Noynoy’s declaration of his candidacy is an opportunity for Filipinos to once again dream, and rediscover their power to make a meaningful change.

Voters now have a real choice

Maricel Maralit, Naga City: Noynoy’s candidacy is like a breath of fresh air. Those who are tired of trapos have suddenly found an alternative candidate in him. Go, Noynoy!

Rose Leobrera, Manila: It will be greatly affected, as people now have a better choice. Noynoy, compared to the very insistent wannabes, is a reluctant candidate, yes, but the people are sick and tired of dishonesty in government, and Noynoy is a respite. We know his background is clean and he has never been involved in any moneymaking business in government. Suddenly, the clamor is so deafening; he is the longawaited change. The Cory magic is at it again. This will continue and it will never fade.

Patrick Miranda, Marikina City: Now that Noynoy will run, we have a real choice. May iba pa bang dapat iboto?

A new genuine hope for the nation

Ruben Viray, Antipolo City: The political landscaping in our country has begun. It has changed the political picture a lot. Soon enough, our electoral politics will be opened and new political contenders will surface. This will be war in Philippine politics on who among these aspirants will succeed in getting the highest post of the land. The platform of government of every political party now is at stake. All voters will become wiser and will have more choices on who among these presidential hopefuls will sit in Malacañang. Trapos also will think twice before filing their candidacy and, better yet, get out of the presidential race because there is no more room reserved for them. Real democracy is now working, slowly but surely.

Jose Parco, Kalibo, Aklan: Now, Filipinos will have something to look forward to. A new genuine hope for the nation! On the other hand, he will be a big headache to all the rest of the presidentiables as the political equation has been altered and become even more complicated. As his parents have brought us clean governance he will be a breath of fresh air for all, compared to the oppression we have been subjected to for such a long, long time!

Rex Earlou Calmerin, Iligan City: Finally, Sen. Noynoy made his own decision for his presidential race. I am very proud of him.

Ella Arenas, Pangasinan: It did change many things. Now most of the presidentiables will have to weigh their notions. The people are already tired of the sad state of our country that Noynoy is the ultimate solution to the problem. I have so much trust in him that he will lead our country back to her glorious days. I pray to God.

It will be a tough battle ahead

Lucas Banzon Madamba II, Laguna: Noynoy Aquino is the first candidate to officially announce his candidacy. He formally declared that he would run for president in 2010 under the Liberal Party. It will be a tough battle en route to the presidency. What Noynoy will carry with him is the legacies of his dad Ninoy and his mom; his experience in public service, having served as Congressman of Tarlac for three terms and being an incumbent senator; and the possible fact that a large number of people will be willing to support him. There are a number of candidates who are aiming for the presidency. The majority of the Filipino people will determine the outcome of the elections. The 2010 elections are expected to be tight, especially when it comes to the battle for the highest position in the land.

Alexander Raquepo, Ilocos Sur: It has made other presidentiables restrategize and reassess their positions. Simply put it, Noynoy’s announcement made a lot of ambitious people worry!

He cannot unite the splintered Liberal Party

Rod Villar, Iriga City: It has no effect on the other presidentiables in the 2010 elections, since his announcement cannot even unite the splintered Liberal Party, much more the other opposition parties who will surely field their own candidates for the presidency. The 2010 presidential elections will not be like the Snap Elections called by Pres. Marcos in the 1980s, where all the opposition parties rallied behind the candidacy of Cory Aquino for president against the formidable strongman.

Noynoy’s decision is good for the Liberal Party

Jimmy Donton, Puerto Princesa City: Nothing big and spectacular happened. His decision is good for the troubled Liberal Party. Unless he finds common grounds for unity among himself, he will remain ineffective. Being emotional about bringing change is not the key to solving all problems in an archipelagic Philippines. It is only through good and quality education that we can mold the young generation of Pinoys to be productive citizens and to love the country in words, thoughts and deeds.

Dino Monzon, Caloocan City: Ninoy Aquino’s throwing his hat into the 2010 presidential race may help unite the Liberal party, but will his honeymoon with the masses and media end in victory?

He is just one of the ambitious trapos

Erwin Espinoza, Pangasinan: Nothing unusual; Noynoy is just one of the ambitious trapos na gustong maging pangulo ng ating bansa.

Rey Onate, Palayan City: No effect. It is routine gimmick in Philippine politics. Such an action cheapens the good memories his parents left behind.

Aldo Apostol, Quezon City: Nothing; he is not a contender in the coming elections.

It will be anybody’s race

Dong Soriano, La Union: It will be anybody’s race. I see a threecornered fight: Villar, Noynoy, and Noli. The others have to wait until 2016.

Dennis Montealto, Mandaluyong City: It will be a smorgasbord of sorts, if, until the day of the filing of candidacy, there are still 10 or more presidential aspirants. We never learn our lesson from having too many candidates. We’ll remain a divided nation with political loyalties and inclination to a privileged few and yet too many national political patrons of different persuasions and agenda for national advancement. And they cut each other down every time they can. Talk about solving the country’s problems.

Noynoy will divide the votes for the opposition

Marc Avisado, Vigan City: Sen. Noynoy Aquino will divide the votes for the opposition. Mrs. Gloria Arroyo and her cohorts use timetested divide and conquer tactics. The administration candidate will have bigger chances of winning the presidency because the opposition is lynching each other. What has Noynoy to offer to the Filipino people besides being the anointed one of the elite, civil society, bishops, and nuns? We have never heard of any significant piece of legislation that he sponsored in his three terms in Congress. He abstained from the CARP extension law. He defended AquinoCojuangco interests at the height of the Hacienda Luisita standoff, where several farmers died. Noynoy needs an extreme makeover to win the trust of the working class and poor masses. Filipinos are tired of old politics.

Robert Young Jr., San Juan: Except for a handful that will give up and support Noynoy, the rest will continue to be in the race. A united opposition? No way. The 2010 elections are not a fight between administration and opposition. Administration bets are sure to lose because of Gloria Arroyo’s unpopularity. The race will be between opposition against opposition. LP, NP, NPC, MP, even Jesus is Lord are going to field their candidates. Even FVR and JDV’s new party considers itself antiadministration, therefore oppositionist. But a NoynoyMar tandem will have the edge. This early in the race, supporters who want to volunteer and contribute funds are swelling. If the elections were held today, Noynoy and Mar will be sure winners.

R.F. Layug, Metro Manila: The more the merrier, or so they say. The administration must be really happy with Noynoy’s announcement. He just worsened the situation and reduced the opposition’s chances of winning the presidency.

Jarel Aubrey Apelin, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur: Noynoy’s jumping on the presidential bandwagon just diluted the opposition’s chances of getting the highest seat and greatly amplifies the chances of the administration’s bet. Increasing the oppositional field is greatly advantageous to the administration, which has the numbers and the machinery.

Leonard Villa, Batac City: It will adversely affect the chances of the opposition’s victory. Administration candidates are laughing at the flagrant disunity of ambitious opposition personalities.

There is an ease due to a many aftermaths

Germi Sison, Cabanatuan City: There is ease now in the presidential race for 2010 due to many aftermaths. Gov. Panlilio withdrew his presidential bid to support Noynoy Aquino. Many groups are joining the NoyPI movement that will waylay the ambition of other presidential aspirants. VicePresident de Castro may find it prudent to support Noynoy to keep his housing project going. With VP de Castro, the LP will find it easier drawing votes from levels C and D, the alleged bulwark of the arrogant convicted plunderer. Administration candidates will just go with the motion of the election process, ready to face boldly their debacle. The Filipino people are confident about having an incorruptible government with good governance after PGMA steps down.

Jim Veneracion, Naga City: It would surely create a bandwagon and not trigger amnesia, as C.B. Manalastas said. Wannabes who are tailenders in surveys better back Noynoy.

The administration is in panic mode

Miguelito Herrera, Cabanatuan City: It will greatly affect Gloria Arroyo and her administration and her civil socialites who continue to demonize Sen. Noynoy and his family. They are in panic mode right now because once Noynoy wins, Gloria will definitely face charges for her many abuses while in Malacañang.

He can be a big threat to other candidates

Ruel Bautista, Laguna: Noynoy’s entry could just be a simple ripple today, but it’s threatening to become a big wave that could drown other candidates once it turns into a tsunami.

Rowena Remiendo, Quezon City: I think Noynoy’s decision to join the presidential race made the other candidates rattle. There is a strong clamor for him to run.

Johann Lucas, Quezon City: It has generated a big bang of an impact to the presidential race. Now everyone is shaken and some even cower in fear.

Pitts Hizon, Pampanga: Noynoy’s announcement of his presidential bid will surely be a threat to all the presidential wannabes, especially to Manny Villar.

Other presidentiables are being pushed to back out

Athena Presto, Ilocos Sur: A lot of the presidential hopefuls really became nervous after knowing that Sen. Noynoy Aquino finally declared his candidacy. And in the sense of it, they really have to change all their plans, knowing that a powerful man has joined their list of enemies. And getting the logic of it, they even need to change their hopes of winning, too. Many were really shocked when Aquino finally declared his candidacy. People are really very supportive of him, especially because he is the son of the late Sen. Ninoy Aquino and Pres. Cory Aquino, who really contributed to the betterment of our country. The people are hoping that some of the presidential hopefuls will quit their candidacy to give way to the success of Sen. Aquino. This act is really affecting the presidential race in the sense that people are already pushing the presidentiables to back out and this action actually makes them depressed, particularly now that they need the strength to fight.

Sahlee Reyes, Las Piñas City: Noynoy’s announcement of his presidential bid has definitely caused some apprehensions and anxiety among the presidential aspirants and it surely would influence the demographics a great deal on. However, I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that Erap would graciously back out in support for Noynoy. Di ba, he made it clear one time when he said that the opposition needs only one candidate against the administration? So, this is the time for him to prove it. This may start a confluence of the other presidential aspirants to rally behind Noynoy. Di ba, ang layunin ng opposition is to fight the moral depravity of the present administration, kaya they have to defeat whoever comes out as the administration’s candidate? I believe that if any presidential aspirant of the opposition won’t give in for Noynoy, then it’s clear as broad daylight that the particular aspirant has some secret agenda at the back of his head which is not for the country’s good.  He has his own personal interest. So, to the godchild of PGMA, to the realty businessman, to the ambitious women, and to the rest who are still to follow, this I have to say. Giving way to another whom you know can do better to heal our country would give you honor and respect deserving of a hero.

Genica Gale Lahoz, Ilocos Sur: I think Sen. Aquino’s announcement will have a very big effect on the presidential race. We all know that many wannabes have already quit the race in support of him. This might also happen to other hopefuls. It could also untie the knots of friendship between him and the other wannabes.

Not everyone is convinced of his capability

Alyssa Mae Ramos, San Vicente, Ilocos Sur: I think his decision to run for presidency will affect the said race a lot. As we all know, his parents Cory and Ninoy contributed a lot to the betterment of our country. This is why he has the ability to tickle or touch a Filipino’s patriotic heart. He will be a strong opponent and a threat to the other presidentiables. But he should also be aware of the fact that not everyone is convinced that he has the potential to lead this country well and he should be careful with his every move.

Althea Gonzales, Laguna: Noynoy Aquino joins the fray. Does he know it is wilder than white water rafting and Cory can’t save him if anything goes wrong? Pangsenator ka lang.

C.B. Fundales, Bulacan: I actively supported Ninoy’s and Cory’s causes until the Edsa Revolution, but I’m cold to the idea of Noynoy’s presidency. The issues in 2010 are so different from those in 1986.

Many people believe he is like his parents

Denice Victoria L. Reyes, Ilocos Sur: His announcement really shocked a lot of people, especially the presidential hopefuls. It will affect the decisions of the other presidential hopefuls. A lot of people in our country want him to run because they trust in him. It is not only the trust that he has, but also the skill of being a great president. He also has the power to encourage the people to listen and unite. Well, his parents were great leaders before and people believe that he is also like his parents.

Justin Phillip Talbo, Sto. Domingo, Ilocos Sur: Noynoy’s announcement surely made another history that we must watch out for. I believe that he will lead our country to reform. Just like his parents, I know that he is ready to face any struggles that might block him in becoming the president of this country. Noynoy would make a great president for he will surely bring the torch that his parents carried during their fight for democracy. In this announcement of Noynoy, I saw many people who believe and support his candidacy and I’m one of them. Like other people, I want our country to have a president who will be a voice of the people’s concerns. I strongly believe in his capability to lead our country. As the saying goes, “Kung ano ang puno siya ring bunga.”

Ma. Vida de los Santos, Ilocos Sur: I think Noynoy’s declaration can affect the presidential race for 2010 because other candidates might think twice about their candidacy. The people of our nation are really very supportive of Noynoy because we all know that he is the son of the former presidents Cory Aquino and Ninoy Aquino who were good leaders. His supporters believe that Noynoy is like his parents and that he can be a good leader like them. He came from a family with a good political record. There were no issues about them being corrupt and all unlike other candidates. Therefore, he has a really big chance of winning the 2010 elections.

We will see an alignment of forces

L.C. Fiel, Quezon City: We will see an alignment of forces in the next few weeks. I wonder what Binay will do considering that he owes his fortune to Cory. He wants to be VP of Erap. Erap wants to unite, kuno, the opposition with him as the candidate. The administration party until now is in disarray. Villar, among the rest of the pack, is still the man to beat.

JDub Wenceslao, Quezon City: In as much as I would like him not to run, I think he’ll be fine, owing to the love and support from people who love Pres. Cory and Sen. Ninoy. Aghast as I am, if it’s for the country, then let’s go!

Charlie Benzon, Pangasinan: Our electorate will have a wider choice. Expect some party realignment and coalition among presidentiables.

Noynoy is riding on the popularity of his departed parents

Edwin Castillo, Tanauan City: Noynoy is riding on the popularity of his departed parents. Di siya tatakbong presidente kundi namatay si Cory. This is not 1986, kaya di ako kakagat.

Elpidio Que, Vigan: Noynoy’s announcement of his presidential bid certainly should be an event to reckon with by the other presidential dreamers. He dreams big to keep Ninoy and Cory’s legacy burning, which is what the people so want to happen in our most corrupt and decadent country. He needs to show proof that he can walk his talk, like his promise to fight for democracy for everybody, not just for the wellconnected—in which he was partly right and partly wrong. He does not need to fight for the wellconnected; he instead has to fight them to the hilt since they are the opportunist hordes of the devil who are giving us economic and whatever misery, like the evil oligarchs in our midst. He also said that he would fight katiwalian. That is a most quenching position to be coming from the only son of the wellloved Ninoy and Cory. But he should have been specific what these katiwalian are that he will fight, like bigtime smuggling, tax evasion, graft and corruption, illegal gambling. That way, the people who rejoiced in his announcement will rejoice to the extreme and start campaigning for him to trigger a snowball effect. Remember, the lords of these katiwalian push down the throats of presidential candidates billions of campaign contributions and make them their puppets.

He can’t win because of the election cheating

Jon Amadeo, Cabanatuan City: His announcement will have no effect at all. Wala lang. He doesn’t have the dynamism and charisma and brainpower of his father. Granting that he has those qualities, he still can’t be sure of winning because of rampant cheating during the elections. Having clean, honest, and peaceful elections is pure bull.

The yellow ribbon and Laban sign will become a symbol of disunity

Joe Nacilla, Las Piñas City: At the moment, I cannot see something that will affect the presidential race of 2010 because of Noynoy’s announcement. If it were a basketball game, the players are still huddling in a circle in the center of the basketball court. What we can see as of now is the change of starting players, but the coach who will do all the planning and strategies is the same. We cannot yet anticipate the coach’s plan to achieve meet the greed for money and become rich and the strategy for the new rules of the ball game where referees (voters) prefer to focus on shallow issues, like showbiz and love stories, over crucial national policies. Will the coach simply confine them to People Power and magnify Ninoy and Cory’s death, hoping for a miracle to happen? Overmagnifying the yellow ribbon and laban sign is dangerous because it will become a symbol of disunity, hatred, and anger. It will be like a laundry soap to cleanse the ills of his team, but not even the strongest kind of acid can sanitize or remove the dirt the coach committed in the past.

Noynoy hasn’t proved anything

Camille Vina Marie Ayala, Ilocos Sur: Sen. Noynoy Aquino’s announcement was very surprising. According to news, some parties are planning to withdraw from the race to support Noynoy. Honestly, I don’t think that Noynoy will be suitable as our president because he hasn’t proved anything yet so I think it’s unfortunate that some presidentiables will withdraw from the race, especially if they have potential, because it’s like we are losing an opportunity to have a good leader.

Carlito Pajaro, Cabanatuan City: Not at all. Noynoy hasn’t proved yet that he could lead this nation to greater heights. Better vote someone with a proven track record.

He has the advantage

Marvin Joshua Chan, Ilocos Sur: Noynoy Aquino granted the people’s wish and accepted his parents’ request to take on the responsibility of continuing the fight for our country and his parents’ advocacy for democracy and love of country. For this reason, a lot of the members of the opposition, like Sen. Mar Roxas, Sen. Kiko Pangilinan, and many more withdrew their candidacy to support Noynoy. It is also the people’s request for Noynoy to become president to simply follow the footsteps of his parents in leading the country. For all the media coverage and support of the Filipinos he is getting, I think that Noynoy is leading and has the advantage to win the presidential race for 2010.

Tino Abella, Masbate: Noynoy’s entry will have an impact on the political arena, but in the end, it will be Noynoy’s integrity that will prevail, no other aspirant’s.

Melany Amor Jaramilla, Ilocos Sur: Noynoy’s announcement made the other presidential aspirants think twice if they will still continue their bid, knowing Noynoy is popular and has the support of the people. He also has credibility, has the ability to lead, and comes from a family with a good political record, so he has the magic to win the hearts of the Filipinos. There is also a possibility that he will not be opposed.

Geeann Rivera, San Pablo City: Campaign jingle pa lang, baka talo na sila if Noynoy chooses either Bayan Ko, Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo or Magkaisa.

Pedro Alagano Sr., Vigan City: It’s early to tell what the consequences are, but Noynoy appears to have the upper hand due to the yellow factor. Whether or not there’s change in the political course, I’m still undecided to vote for Noynoy as I’m seeing traitors and sipsip around him.

It hastens the selfdestruction of the opposition

Rodolfo Talledo, Angeles City: It will hasten the selfdestruction of the opposition, what else?

Ishmael Q. Calata, Parañaque City: Even before this announcement, there were already palpable changes in the presidential race for 2010, which caused some presidential aspirants to go off the racetrack. Now that Noynoy has finally made his announcement on his bid to run after a long while, making some people question his decisiveness on a matter of national interest, it may further affect the race. But, unless former President Erap gives up his bid, the opposition will remain divided. In fact, there remains one candidate from the opposition who cannot, at this point, abandon his bid in the presidential race.

Presidentiables will start flaunting their spirituality

Renato Taylan, Ilocos Norte: Expect other presidentiables to start flaunting their spirituality in media and in public to court the spirituallyinclined associated with yellow votes.

Charissa Tuazon, Ilocos Sur: I think Noynoy Aquino’s announcement of his presidential bid really affected the presidential race. At this moment, most of the presidentiables are preparing so hard for this year’s election. And now that Noynoy has already announced his presidential bid, other presidentiables should prepare harder, for they are going to face a tougher problem. Noynoy can easily gain the trust of the people, for he comes from a wellknown family, with two of the greatest leaders we ever had in our country. So, this will be a very good fight. A good fight that we should look forward to. Presidentiables would have to make more preparations and show that they are greater, because I think Noynoy has great chances of winning.

Carlos Joseph Villareal, Metro Manila: Noynoy really made the fight hotter because the other presidential candidates will be more determined for this race because of the fact that they know the people love Noynoy.

Don’t forget Erap’s charisma

Ric Vergara, Calamba City: Noynoy’s entry in presidential race will have a lone beneficiary, Erap. Wala tayong kadaladala!

Fortunato Aguirre, Bulacan: A big chunk of votes from Tarlac for Teodoro will slide to Noynoy; those who hate corruption and undecided voters will go for him, but don’t forget Erap’s charisma.

A choice between two good men

Digoy Coro, Batangas: Many presidential wannabes will back out. It will be a choice between two good men, Villar and Noynoy. Let’s look at their minds and platforms.

It only affected Mar Roxas

Eddie Yap, Kabankalan City: Noynoy Aquino’s announcement of his presidential bid doesn’t affect the presidential race much, except for Mar Roxas who had to make a major and painful decision not to run. The other presidentiables also believe they have their own following and that Noynoy still lacks the political track record and was only catapulted onto center stage because of the socalled Cory Magic, which may lose its luster in due time. Without the outpouring of emotions over the death of Cory, has Noynoy done anything significant which he can prove that can be translated into votes?

Leandro Tolentino, Batangas City: It didn’t make a dent on the traditional trend of the presidential derby. It only confirms the sagging popularity of his party’s top contender.

The more bets, the better

Armando Tavera, Las Piñas City: The more presidentiable bets, the better. With Noynoy’s entry, the votes of other candidates will surely be adversely affected.

Ferdinand Rafer, Cavite: Noynoy is a good addition to the presidential aspirants, but it’s still a fourway fight and if that happens, the administration still has the edge.

Fel Avlis, Aklan: Ang pagsali ni Noynoy sa 2010 eleksyon ay makakabuti dahil marami ng mapagpipilian sa korap, mandaraya, sinungaling, o tapat sa bayan.

Marilou Sy, Metro Manila: My brod Chiz lost some possible votes, including mine. He and Noynoy would be attractive to the same demographic. There is now a genuine choice for those who would have settled for Villar but are wary of his C5 connection. Mar is now surer to win as VP and could possibly be president by 2016. I think there will be less people to stay on as hopefuls. I think Erap might yield towards the end. It is going to be Noynoy, Villar and Chiz. Villanueva might yield, too. Never mind Jamby and Loren.

J.R. Mondonedo Jr., Parañaque City: The more the merrier. If ever he wins, though, I hope he won’t let Kris meddle in his personal life because once his sister opens her mouth, she never stops.

Expect a raucous and mudslinging presidential derby

C.B. Manalastas, Manila: With nobody among the presidentiables ready to yield, expect a raucous and mudslinging presidential derby.

Cris Rivera, Rizal: The entry of Noynoy Aquino gave other oppositionist and administration bets alike, a run for their money and a battle between who people thinks is credibly clean. Our political landscape is full of humps that hamper the imposition of great ideas for great achievements. Colored judgment separates us from truth.

Can his popularity last?

Nito Aquino, Makati City: If Noynoy runs out of funds by yearend, the yellow fever euphoria might fade and he might not finish the race. Sustained support is needed.

So far, there is no indication that the opposition will unite behind Sen. Noynoy as its common candidate. Many doubt if his popularity can last long.  G.M. Baliatan, Rizal

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