H.R. 780: Filipino American History Month?


Rep. Speier signs onto Resolution recognizing October
as Filipino American History Month

Rep. J. Speier

Rep. J. Speier

Congresswoman Jackie Speier (San Francisco/San Mateo County) has signed on as a co-sponsor of House Resolution 780 celebrating Filipino American History Month.

“The 12th Congressional District is home to more Filipino Americans than any other in the country. As a resident here all my life, I know about the invaluable contributions Filipino Americans make to the very fabric of our society. I am proud to sign my name onto legislation that recognizes the richness of the culture and its role in the history of America.” said Congresswoman Speier.

“While I am thrilled we are acknowledging the Filipinos here in the United States, I can’t help but remain concerned about their family and friends in the Philippines and American Samoa. I ask that we keep them in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.”

Filipino Americans are the second largest Asian American group in the United States with a population over 3 million.

H.Res. 780 acknowledges the important role Filipino Americans have played in the Armed Services, health care, business, and many other fields since the first Filipinos came to the continental United States in 1587. Resolution 780 designates October as a time to reflect on the accomplishments of the community and increase education for all people in the United States.

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