How Pupils Organize Information from Video Materials


Editha T. Villaflor

(Presented at the 1st MLE Conference, “Reclaiming the Right to Learn in One’s Own Language,” Capitol University, Cagayan de Oro City, Feb 18-20, 2010.)

ABSTRACT: This study examines the thinking processes of elementary science pupils while viewing video materials in L1. Concept maps help learners how to learn and use video materials on spoken language at home to help facilitate learning of science concepts. This paper describes how the video materials about  garbage disposal and related topics developed in Filipino enhance pupil learning and improve information acquisition and concept understanding. This video material in L1 was  shown to pupils in intact classes  in grades 4 and 5 and the quality of change of concept map was analyzed. Analysis of concept maps developed by  pupils were made and related to pupils’ organization of information in short term memory.

For the complete article, click on How Pupils Organize Information from Video Materials.

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