Insider and Outsider Roles and Other Essential Elements in Developing Quality and Culturally Sensitive MLE Materials


Mansueto S. Casquite

(Presented at the 1st MLE Conference, “Reclaiming the Right to Learn in One’s Own Language,” Capitol University, Cagayan de Oro City, Feb 18-20, 2010.)

ABSTRACT: For a sustainable and successful Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education Program, there has to be an ample supply of culturally sensitive and quality learning materials. The development of these materials is crucially dependent on what is appropriate to the intended learners’ interests and needs, their growing abilities, and on what is available and what needs to be produced. Moreover, the integration of insider and outsider knowledge and resources, expertise and experiences is crucial to the development and production of these materials that are relevant to the learners’ situation, real to their culture, reflective of their context, and responsive to their needs.

This paper looks at the roles of the insiders and the outsiders in developing MLE materials of premium quality that honor and uphold the local culture, and bridge known concepts to unknown ideas. Furthermore, this paper will detail essential elements involved in producing quality and culturally sensitive MLE materials, namely: story writing, formatting, illustration, editing, and pilot-testing.

For the complete article, click on Insider/Outsider Roles and Other Essential Elements of MLE Materials Devt.

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