MLE Trainors’ Training Announced

R. Ma. Nolasco

Dr. Ricardo Ma. Nolasco, President, 170+ Talaytayan MLE Inc., recently announced a Summer Certificate Course for Trainers in Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education to be conducted at the Philippine Normal University, Taft Avenue, Manila. from April 12 to May 5, 2010.

The training focuses on the application of pedagogical and linguistic theories to mother tongue-based multilingual education (MTBMLE) in the Philippine formal education system. Topics include: foundations of MTBMLE; culture, language and identity; Philippine phonetics, phonology, and grammar; teaching strategies; materials development; curriculum adaptation; and program assessment, monitoring and evaluation. It fulfills the training requirement prescribed in the DepEd Order 74 s.2009 which institutionalizes MTBMLE in all schools.

The course is jointly organized and sponsored by the Department of Education, SIL International, the Philippine Normal University and the 170+ Talaytayan MLE Incorporated.

For additional information, please click on MLE trainors training.

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