Your Comments, Please

Three weeks ago, someone left the following comment on my blog post, DepEd Order No. 74 s. 2009 [INSTITUTIONALIZING MOTHER TONGUE-BASED MULTILINGUAL EDUCATION (MLE)]:

“i am a teacher .. im sure one of the problem of a teacher is as he/ she deliver his lesson it must be in a standard procedure following the SMART lesson plan…. the question is How could it be done???? in our school were we have only one section per grade and we can only see 3 to 5 out of 50 pupils who can really participate in the class and the rest are on the level frustration……..even in the unlocking of difficulties as part of the lesson we only have 5 or less word to unlock which in fact almost of the world needs to be unlock.. as the lesson go on.. do you think it would be easy for a teacher to felt that he/she is doing well? that part alone is soooo much frustrating … i had experience teaching in a private school were i have a very rich pupils, they can talk better like me as teacher so I don’t have a serious problem but in the public school wher it is mixed with different standard of living as of of below the poverty line,, our felling too is mixed with different felling like sad, dismay, exhausted …..”

I think this comment is extremely important and timely, especially in the ongoing national dialog regarding increasing the number of years for our basic educational cycle [grade school and high school] from the current 10 years to 12 years.  The dialog on the length of our basic educational cycle is itself important as  Pres. Noynoy Aquino officially weighed in within the first few minutes of his maiden State of the Nation Address last week and even earlier during the last presidential campaign.  I would like, therefore, to invite the public’s–especially our teachers’–comments on the commenter’s concerns, experiences, frustrations, etc.

One thought on “Your Comments, Please

  1. I am a parent opposing this DEPED Order.

    Adding 2 yrs. in basic educ. I think is not the solution, and the standard of living of the pupils doesn’t matter in a classroom as long as a child is already there( esp. in primary grades as it is the foundation of their learning). Yes it’s true that pupils in private & public schools differ in the way the talk & in what they’ve learned in general. And it is not because of their standard of living, but merely because of many contributing factors such as the school itself!, the teaching staff & the visual aids or material used.. In public, what learning can our kids get if they are so congested having a class of 60 & more in a small classroom w/ only 2-3 ceiling fans & only 1 teacher is assigned? How can he/she finish checking the works of his pupils? how can all children recite so that teacher may know who is doing well? Ang matalino ay matalino but those average pwedeng maging slow, at ang slow lalong kawawa. As parents also, if we are not educated, how can we teach our children at home, with that incomplete books? If I am to be asked what to do? I will rather improve the school facilities, add classrooms & reduce from 60 down to 30 pupils in a class by reducing also the number of hours if no enough classrooms, provide more teaching/learning materials,add more trainings & seminars for teachers to make them more competitive, The school can also give rewards to the most industrious teacher at the end of the year so that they will give their best for our children.

    Thank you

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