Philippine Education and Research Journal

“We’ve only just begun…”

The Philippine Education Research Journal (PERJ) is an online (, free-access, and peer-reviewed education and research publication reporting on important issues in Philippine education using empirical studies. It is published by the Funds for Assistance to Private Education (FAPE).

PERJ uses the usual standards for research publications and seeks to become a purveyor of such research and educational information primarily in the Philippines and in the region as well. It shall address issues that are substantively significant in theory and/or practice, with the use of adequate, replicable methods.  It intends to reach scholars, practitioners, policy makers, specialists and graduate students in both the public and private education sectors, as well as, libraries, educational institutions, research centers, etc.  It aspires to be accredited as a scientific journal.

3 thoughts on “Philippine Education and Research Journal

  1. Good day, i sent to you my research on the performance of the teacher education graduates in the licensure examination for teachers some two weeks ago, may i be informed if the paper has been received by your office? Thank you very much in considering the paper, i would be very happy if comments and suggestions will be forwarded back to me. salam,at po

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