MLE Strategic Plan Approved by National Learning Strategies

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November 4, 2010

Dear Loopers and MLE folks,

I’m very pleased to inform you that, meeting for the first time since the change of the DepEd Management Team, the National Learning Strategies (NLS) Technical Working Group of the BESRA, approved this afternoon the first  Strategic Plan for the Mother Tongue-based Multilingual Education.

Presided by former Bureau of Elementary Education Director now Senior Undersecretary Yolanda Quijano, the TWG paved the way for the final approval of the StratPlan by BESRA’s Coordinating Technical Committee composed of high-level DepEd official.  The StratPlan was presented by SIL Staff and DepEd MLE Consultant Gregory Dekker.

The MLE Plan sees no major hurdles in the immediate future of its implementation except that it will have to make some adjustments when the K+12 Program fully takes effect while the proposed implementing organizational structure will have to be attuned to the  re-engineered DepEd Regional Offices.

Chief Economic Development Specialist
Education and Manpower Development Division
Social Development Staff
National Economic and Development Authority
Amber Ave., Pasig City

I immediately got in touch with Greg Dekker for a copy of the STRAT PLan and on November 6, 2010 came this email:

Dear Joe,

I’m attaching a copy of the StratPlan.

My friend, reforms like these take time. It’s been six months since I submitted this strat plan!

Implementation IS going on, though. We are conducting the Training of Trainers. Phase II is in Iloilo City starting 13 Nov. I am also doing research trips all over the Philippines for my consultancy on MTB MLE.

There is a LOT of interest in MTB MLE. The movement is going forward, and I think we’ll see this implemented, though it may take more time than we planned. The important thing is that we get the quality and capacity we are working for. If we don’t get that, there’s a chance it will die in the long run. [Though, I don’t think the current excitement for it will allow that.]

Blessings, my friend. Nice to hear from you!

Greg Dekker

For the complete MLE STRAT PLAN, please click on the following:

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