MTBMLE Summer Seminar-Workshop, April 4-15, 2011

Susan Malone

Dennis Malone

The 170+ Talaytayan MLE Inc, SIL International, Mariano Marcos State University, Philippine Social Science Council in cooperation with the Department of Education (DepEd) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) are inviting:

  • Faculty members and administrators of Teacher Education Institutions/Higher Education Institutions
  • Curriculum writers
  • DepEd MTBMLE Coordinators and
  • Other education stakeholders from GOs, NGOs and LGUs

to the Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education (MTBMLE) Summer Seminar-Workshop to be held on April 4–15, 2011, at the 2nd Floor Library Area, Philippine Social Science Council Library, Commonwealth, Diliman, Quezon City.

Drs. Susan Malone and Dennis Malone (SIL International and UNESCO consultants for multilingual education) will be the main facilitators. They have extensive experience in managing MTBMLE programs in Papua New Guinea, Thailand, and other places in the world.  Additionally, special topics will be covered by Filipino scholars and MLE practitioners.

The Department of Education through DepEd Order 74 series of 2009 has established MTBMLE as the fundamental policy in formal and non-formal education. The policy states that the lessons and findings of various local initiatives and international studies in basic education have validated the superiority of the use of the learner’s mother tongue or first language in improving learning outcomes and promoting Education for All (EFA)

It has now become imperative for Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs) and other education partners to align their programs in accordance with this new policy and to support the MTBMLE programs in their regions.

Core Topics:

  • Language & Education: Overview of current MLE training situation in the Philippines
  • Learning theories for teachers
  • MTBMLE around the world
  • Overview of MTBMLE
  • Principles that guide strong MTBMLE programs
  • Essential components of MTBMLE programs
  • Building fluency in Oral L1;
  • Introducing and building fluency in written L1
  • Assessing & strengthening teachers’ L1 literacy
  • Introducing and building fluency in Oral L2
  • Using resources to develop lesson plans
  • Dealing with multilingual classrooms: challenges & strategies
  • Bridging to L2 literacy
  • Activity-based and book learning in complementarity
  • Meaning & accuracy in reading and writing
  • Oral L2 in crowded classrooms
  • Child-centered, activity-based learning

Special Topics:

  • Proposed MTBMLE Curriculum under K-12 Curriculum
  • Filipino Cultural Markers
  • Philippine Languages (orthography and morphosyntax)
  • ECCD
  • Teaching Math, Science, Social Sciences thru MTBMLE

The seminar-workshop is limited to 75 participants only.

The course fee is P9,000 (including materials, lunch and snacks).  Payment can be sent to Faculty Center Rm 2115 UP Diliman, Quezon City or it can be made through bank transfer payable to 170+ Talaytayan MLE Incorporated under Current Account Number 0470506288 BDO-SM Manila branch.

If you have further questions, please email For more information please call 02-9818500 loc 2294 (Lucy); 02-3477468 / 09151119878 (Ched).

Click this link for the MTBMLE Summer Training Registration Form.

2 thoughts on “MTBMLE Summer Seminar-Workshop, April 4-15, 2011

  1. I am interested to attend the MTBMLE seminar workshop. May i be sent an invitation letter tru email and also the ched endorsement so that i can request for funding? thank you and god bless!

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