NZ education system impresses DepEd execs

[First, we featured the educational system in Singapore in three posts in this blog (Singapore Education System: What We May Learn From It, The management of multilingual and multicultural communities in Singapore, and The Singapore MLE Experience: A Model) for no other reason than the fact that on most worldwide measurement/assessment methods, their system has generally been successful and Singapore also has a 10-year basic (primary and secondary) education cycle like we now do, albeit the similarity ends there. Singapore has a three-year pre-school system and, although a grade or primary school graduate may opt for the normal four-year high school, he has other longer options such going straight to junior college, or a technical institute, etc., before considering a college/university education. Now that our DepEd execs have gone through the trouble of actually going to New Zealand to take a look-see at the New Zealand education system, we decided to bring to you some of the links to important facets of the NZ education system in the hope that those interested or concerned have most of the information they need to institute changes in the Philippine education system to ultimately improve the performance of our students, namely, “focus more on education that prepares young people for the jobs market rather than on the time they spend in school” as recommended in the drafted document, World Bank Education Strategy 2020, released by the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) . — JP]

By J. Antonio Rimando, The Philippine Star, May 12, 2011

PAGADIAN CITY, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines – The public school system in New Zealand (NZ) is so advanced in terms of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) that preschool children in rural schools are already each provided with laptop by the government.

This was one of the significant observations made by a group of Department of Education (DepEd) regional directors, including Western Mindanao (Region 9) education chief Walter Albos, during their recent week-long educational tour in NZ which, unfortunately, was hit not long ago by a killer earthquake.

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