K+12 and the Hong Kong education and schooling system

Another neighboring Asian country (now actually a part of the Republic of China), Hong Kong did well consistently in the previous quadriennial TIMSS. Here’s a peek into its education and schooling system:

In the past, Hong Kong education was closely modeled on the system that was found in the UK.  This is hardly surprising since Hong Kong was administered by Britain from 1841 to 1997, when the former UK colony was handed back to China.  However, since 1997, the education system taught in local schools has undergone a series of changes. While some of these changes have reflected different language of instruction policies, there have also been changes to the senior secondary curriculum. The new model, brought in at the beginning of the 2009 / 10 academic year is now more in line with those found in China and even the USA than the UK system

While there are nine years of compulsory schooling in Hong Kong, six in primary school and three in junior secondary school, the Hong Kong government has recently moved to make it easier and more likely that the majority of students will receive 12 years of education.  The removal of fees and one series of public exams in senior secondary school is a move which will make a full twelve years’ of education a much more accessible option for a great number of students.

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