Step by step monitoring of EFA for Asia-Pacific

The 2015 target for Education For All (EFA) looms in the rearview mirror. For the Philippines which is intent on reforming its education system with the implementation of the costly K to 12 basic education program, the 2015 target for EFA may have to be a matter of percentages: like, just what percentage of those for which EFA is intended won’t even be touched by the lofty, wide-ranging goals of EFA 2015. With these two bold programs vying for administrative attention and the more critical funding, the Philippines sure has some colossal issues at hand.

As we approach the 2015 target, with emphasis on “reaching the unreached in EFA”, UNESCO Bangkok, in consultation with experts across the Asia-Pacific region, has published the “Systematic Monitoring of Education for All – Training Modules for Asia-Pacific” (Training Modules A). It is somewhat comforting to note that the training modules have been field-tested during two training workshops conducted in India and the Philippines, which helped to sharpen their applicability.

Kyungah Kristy Bang, Multilingual Education Secretariat Coordinator, Asia and Pacific Programme of Education for All, UNESCO Bangkok, writes that “a semi-interactive web version is underway and will be available on the UNESCO Bangkok website towards April 2012. The second series of these training modules, Training Modules B, which focuses on using household survey data for EFA monitoring, will be available as an electronic copy and in a semi-interactive format (same as Training Modules A) in May 2012.”

Member countries are encouraged to translate and adapt the training modules for national and local use in either group-training or individual self-learning situations.

For those member states that wish to advise on or discuss the strategic use of these training modules to generate support and impact, please send a message to Aurelie Acoca at

For the complete publication, click Systematic Monitoring of EFA- Training Modules for Asia-Pacific.

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