Schools stand to lose billions in K+12 program

In an unintentional potentially wide-ranging, economic fallout — perhaps backbreaking to some – of the projected implementation of K+12 basic education program, private and public tertiary schools (colleges and universities) will, at some stage, not be welcoming the usual wave of high school graduates planning to enroll as freshmen because they will be set back a couple of years to complete the added 2 years of Senior High School mandated by K+12. Not only will these colleges and universities miss those would-be freshmen enrollees, but they will lose tremendous amounts in tuition fees, probably lose the complement in human resources (teachers and staff) who are in place to handle the incoming freshmen who would now have to go to Senior High School instead for 2 more years.

About the only positive thing that I can think of that will come out of this is that this eventuality may help weed out some of the diploma mills which do not have deep pockets to survive the two-year draught.

The following report just accounts for the private schools:

Reported March 5, 2012, by

Schools stand to lose billions in K+12 program

THE umbrella organization of private schools said its member-institutions stand to lose about 128 billion pesos (about US$3 billion) over five years once the government starts implementing the K+12 program.

Dr. Jose Paolo E. Campos, president of Emilio Aguinaldo College (EAC) and chairman of the Coordinating Council of Private Educational Associations (COCOPEA) said this was because they expected the number of enrollees, particularly in the first and second year of tertiary education to decline since the K+12 program called for the addition of two more years of high school to add to the current 4-year program.

COCOPEA’s members include the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines, Association of Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities, Philippine Association of Private Schools, Colleges and Universities, Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities and Technical Vocational Schools Association of the Philippines.

Campos said the amount only covers their expected loss for the four-year undergraduate program and does not include the five-year courses and graduate programs.

He added they based their figure on the computation of 400,000 students currently enrolled in their member-institutions at P40,000 per student every year multiplied eight times.
“With Grade 11 and 12 under the K to 12 program, [there will be no enrolment in the] first and second year and that is a wave coming through. If this is implemented, eight years worth of enrolment would be gone,” he explained adding that even though they are supportive of the program, the Department of Education (DepEd) should still ‘reexamine’ the issues involved.

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