Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education in Sub-Saharan Africa

The Philippines has had similar experiences as those described in the following video with Ms. Kozue Araki and so we would like to share it with you:


Kozue Araki, ” Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education in Sub-Saharan Africa: Learning from Within” from Center for Global Initiatives on Vimeo.


About KOZUE ARAKI:  After her undergraduate studies in Peace and Global Studies at Earlham College, Kozue Araki engaged in public relations at the Japan Committee for UNICEF. Subsequently she worked at the Culture, Education and Science Bureau of the Egyptian Embassy in Tokyo until she arrived at University of North Carolina. She has worked toward encouraging educational and scientific cooperation between Japan and Egypt. She greatly enjoyed introducing Egyptian and Islamic culture to the Japanese society through cultural activities. With her passion for children and youth, she has spent some time in Palestine and Northern Ireland during her undergraduate career.

Her research interests are different educational issues particularly in the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa. She is always interested in how educational assistance can be locally and culturally centered/ sensitive.

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