Agta, Casiguran Dumagat dgc

1979. Libru a Pegbasaan • Primer PDF 6.8MB
1979. Magadal Kitam a Magbasa • Primer PDF 1.5MB
1974. Ugali na Agta, (Customs of the Agta) • Customs PDF 7.2MB
1971. Lagip Ni Tariri • Tariri Story PDF 0.7MB
1969. Pakodyan tam a Mangibut ta Saket a Tibi • Tuberculosis PDF 0.4MB
1965. Ikadua a Libru a Pegbasaan 2 • Primer PDF 0.4MB
1965. Ikatello a Libru a Pegbasaan 3 • Primer PDF 0.5MB
1965. Ikaepat a Libru a Pegbasaan 4 • Primer PDF 0.5MB
1965. Ikalima a Libru a Pegbasaan 5 • Primer PDF 0.4MB
1965. Lagip na Agta • Storybook PDF 0.8MB
1965. Purumeru a Libru a Pegbasaan 1 • Primer PDF 0.2MB
1965. Tu Aso Sakay tu Bakokol • Storybook PDF 1.1MB
nd. Memahal a Lagip (Good Stories) • Storybook PDF 12.1MB

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