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DepEd Excludes Region II in Initial MTB-MLE Implementation Funding

Alberto T. Muyot

On Nov. 22, 2011, Undersecretary Alberto T. Muyot, acting as DepEd Officer-in-Charge, issued DepEd Order No. 90 s. 2011, otherwise known as “GUIDELINES ON THE UTILIZATION OF DOWNLOADED FUNDS FOR MATERIALS DEVELOPMENT AND PRODUCTION OF MOTHER TONGUE-BASED MULTILINGUAL EDUCATION (MTB-MLE) PROGRAM”.

DepEd Order No. 90 s. 2011 should be a welcome step in the implemention of DepEd Order No. 74 s. 2009 (Institutionalizing Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education), EXCEPT for the glaring, perhaps egregious exclusion of ALL OF REGION II (BATANES, CAGAYAN, ISABELA, QUIRINO, and NUEVA VIZCAYA)  from the initial List of Schools Implementing the MTB-MLE Program by Regions as per the first page of the DO #90 Enclosure:

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