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A More Compelling Option: Invest in Data-Driven Planning/Preparation and Technology, NOT in K+12

Schools Make Double-Digit Gains in Math and Writing on State Tests… Students with Disabilities Achieve a 31% Gain in Literacy and a 30% Gain in Math in One Year

What we’ve been saying all along is for DepEd and Pres. Aquino to pause and consider other options, especially those based on research, instead of rushing headlong and largely unprepared into an expensive, unproven K+12 program just because the Joneses are doing it. Pearson urges that we “transform school operations and build cohesive, data-driven, technology-supported leadership and instructional practices.”

At Pearson, they develop and refine their services and programs based on research and evaluation to ensure that their solutions are effective. Forged in partnerships with more than a 1,000 schools, their new Schoolwide Improvement Model (SIM) is built on two decades of verifiable research and experience in implementing Pearson’s Learning Teams and the school improvement model of America’s Choice, a company acquired by Pearson in 2010.

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